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    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Season 15 will begin on Friday, November 1st at 18:00. (CEST TIMES) Be ready for a fresh start!  [Season 15 Changelist] The rules have been rewritten! Be sure to double check every segment! Settings::
      - Set Dino limit to 300 (as it is back to cave season)
      - Readjusted PVP Protection System (more infos in separate announcement)
      - s+ charge station and vacuum chamber enabled
      - reworked quest system.
      Plugins and Mods::
      - New pvpve plugin.
      - Auction house mod removed entirely (too many bugs)
      - new anti cheat software.
      - World bosses(still needs testing, could change)
      - New tribe finder Plugin -- Details will come shortly Tribes::
      - Tribe limit 12
      - Solo, Duo and Trio tribes can create 1 alliance
      - Squad size (4-7) (Ally disabled)
      - Company size (7-9) (Ally disabled)
      - Division size (10-12) (Ally disabled)
      Specific rates for each tribe size will follow shortly. PVP Balance::
      - Titans and Meks Plugin is getting troubleshooted, hopefully fixed shortly.
      - Caves and micro caves/holes are ALWAYS raidable, 24/7
      - Railgun enabled again
      - All boss kits disabled in shop at launch, and will be reworked and added later.
      - various creatures will be disabled to tame at launch, for 1-3 weeks.
      - OSD and Veins are disabled at launch.
      Votes already planned::
      • Managarmr [ENABLED/DISABLED] -- if enabled, will not be tameable for the first 1/2 weeks--
      • Snow owls [Enabled/Disabled]
      - Velonasaur (y/n)
      • Element Transfer [Complete Freedom/No Transfering] --If enabled, will only go active after a delay of up to 2 weeks
      Rescale the regular drops(white-red)
      - Nanny(yes/no) -- Note! If yes, maturation rate across the board will be slowed down, and the nanny will imprint to maximum 50%, possibly lower--
      Hatchery(10/15 slots) 
      - enable element dust farming from lamp posts again? • Feel free to add more Suggestions under #server-suggestions. Time Line::
      - 27th October @ 22:00 - #old-votes  for new changes after the Q&A
      - 28th October @ 16:00 - Season 14 ends, Donation Store closed.
      -29th October @20:00 votes closes and reveals later in the evening
      - 1st November @ 18:00 - Season 15 starts with bloody weekend
      - 3rd November @ 08:00 - Enable Starter Kit
      - 4th November @ 08:00 - New Player Protection turns on for all new tribes that joined after activation.
      - During week 2/3 - Relevant Donation Store purchases made during season 15 re-sent.
      - During week 2 - Season 15 Donators receive a coupon for 20% of total Season 14 donations
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Season 14 will begin on Friday, September 13th at 19:00. (CEST TIMES) Be ready for a fresh start! [Season 14 Changelist] Settings::
      - Capped Bps (Still has to find a clean way)
      - Set Dino limit to 300 (for better performance)
      - Mindwipe Cooldown changed to 6 hours at all times
      - Plant Z/ Plant Y 10 sec CD
      - Readjusted PVP Protection System (more infos later) Plugins and Mods::
      - Cake Fix readjusted
      - Tribe limit 12
      - Solo, Duo and Trio tribes can create 1 alliance
      - Squad size (4-7) (Ally disabled)
      - Company size (7-9) (Ally disabled)
      - Company size (10-12) (Ally disabled) Check all tribe settings on: https://forum.bloody-ark.com/tribe-bonus PVP Balance::
      - All Titans Structure Damage enabled versus Company and Divisions Votes::
      • Managarmr [ENABLED/DISABLED]
      • No Cave Season [Yes/No]
      • Element Transfer [Complete Freedom/No Exports from Extinction/No Transfering]
      • Add Fjördur as a Fraciton to the cluster [Yes/No]
      • Add Auctions House Mod (Clustered) [Yes/No]
      • Remove Quest System [Yes/No]
      • Disable Railgun [Yes/No]
      • Feel free to add more Suggestions under #server-suggestions . Time Line::
      - 08/September @ 20:00 - #Vote for new changes
      - 10/September @ 20:00 - Public Season 13 Highlights
      - 12/September @ 08:00 - Season 13 ends, Donation Store closed and show result of the votes.
      - 13/September @ 19:00 - Season 14 starts with bloody weekend
      - 14/September @ 08:00 - Enable Starter Kit
      - 15/July @ 08:00 - New Player Protection turns on for all new tribes that joined after activation.
      - During week 2 - Donation Store purchases made after July 19 August re-sent.
      - During week 2 - Season 14 Donators receive a coupon for 20% of total Season 12 donations. We are looking for further team members to support our team! Please contact @Mizury Happy Friday the 13th!
    • = Welcome to BloodyARK Fractions Server! =

      We invite you to try our unique server system!
      The server is based on fractions. As soon as you join the server you have to join one of three fractions.
      Players in the same fraction can build up together and fight boss battles with each other.
      For every kill of an opposing fraction your fraction gets a score. At the end of each season, the fraction with the most scores will receive awesome rewards.
      Global chat is limited to your fraction.

      - Ironblood - the way of destruction. (Recommended for hardcore PVP players)
      - Endeavour - the way of prosperity. (Recommended for Peaceful Players)
      - Lawless - the way of the apostate. (Recommended for true Solo Speler)

      To join a fraction, type in the chat: /join FRACTIONNAME
      After you have joined a fraction, you can play on the server
      Maximum online player per fraction is set to 25 players.

      ► Achievements with reward system
      ► Auction house to trade with another fraction
      ► Dino Tracker that shows you the coordinates of your dinos
      ► Homes that teleports you back to your base
      ► Automatic Boss Events

      Raid times:
      Raiding on an opposing fraction is allowed at any time.

      ORP Settings:
      Structures take 25% damage.
      Any defenses do x4 more damage. (e.g. Turrets)

      ► XP: x5
      ► Taming: x25
      ► Breeding: x25
      ► Max Player Level 135
      ► Max Dino Level 150
      ► Max Tek Dino Level 180

      - Structres Plus
      - ArkShop UI
      - HG StackMod 2500-50
      - HG Cake Fix
      - Awesome Spyglass
      - Auctions House   Server Start Sunday 01.09 - 14:00 (CEST) Server ip: Map: Ragnarok