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  3. Kiki~

    Bloody Tribe Hunting

    Tribe Name De Braves Hommes Map 2 Base Location Valguero -> 74 42 Number of Tribe Members 12
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  5. ANNOUNCEMENT: Season 15 will begin on Friday, November 1st at 18:00. (CEST TIMES) Be ready for a fresh start! [Season 15 Changelist] The rules have been rewritten! Be sure to double check every segment! Settings:: - Set Dino limit to 300 (as it is back to cave season) - Readjusted PVP Protection System (more infos in separate announcement) - s+ charge station and vacuum chamber enabled - reworked quest system. Plugins and Mods:: - New pvpve plugin. - Auction house mod removed entirely (too many bugs) - new anti cheat software. - World bosses(still needs testing, could change) - New tribe finder Plugin -- Details will come shortly Tribes:: - Tribe limit 12 - Solo, Duo and Trio tribes can create 1 alliance - Squad size (4-7) (Ally disabled) - Company size (7-9) (Ally disabled) - Division size (10-12) (Ally disabled) Specific rates for each tribe size will follow shortly. PVP Balance:: - Titans and Meks Plugin is getting troubleshooted, hopefully fixed shortly. - Caves and micro caves/holes are ALWAYS raidable, 24/7 - Railgun enabled again - All boss kits disabled in shop at launch, and will be reworked and added later. - various creatures will be disabled to tame at launch, for 1-3 weeks. - OSD and Veins are disabled at launch. . . Votes already planned:: • Managarmr [ENABLED/DISABLED] -- if enabled, will not be tameable for the first 1/2 weeks-- • Snow owls [Enabled/Disabled] - Velonasaur (y/n) • Element Transfer [Complete Freedom/No Transfering] --If enabled, will only go active after a delay of up to 2 weeks Rescale the regular drops(white-red) - Nanny(yes/no) -- Note! If yes, maturation rate across the board will be slowed down, and the nanny will imprint to maximum 50%, possibly lower-- Hatchery(10/15 slots) - enable element dust farming from lamp posts again? • Feel free to add more Suggestions under #server-suggestions. Time Line:: - 27th October @ 22:00 - #old-votes for new changes after the Q&A - 28th October @ 16:00 - Season 14 ends, Donation Store closed. -29th October @20:00 votes closes and reveals later in the evening - 1st November @ 18:00 - Season 15 starts with bloody weekend - 3rd November @ 08:00 - Enable Starter Kit - 4th November @ 08:00 - New Player Protection turns on for all new tribes that joined after activation. - During week 2/3 - Relevant Donation Store purchases made during season 15 re-sent. - During week 2 - Season 15 Donators receive a coupon for 20% of total Season 14 donations
  6. ANNOUNCEMENT: Season 14 will begin on Friday, September 13th at 19:00. (CEST TIMES) Be ready for a fresh start! [Season 14 Changelist] Settings:: - Capped Bps (Still has to find a clean way) - Set Dino limit to 300 (for better performance) - Mindwipe Cooldown changed to 6 hours at all times - Plant Z/ Plant Y 10 sec CD - Readjusted PVP Protection System (more infos later) Plugins and Mods:: - Cake Fix readjusted Tribes:: - Tribe limit 12 - Solo, Duo and Trio tribes can create 1 alliance - Squad size (4-7) (Ally disabled) - Company size (7-9) (Ally disabled) - Company size (10-12) (Ally disabled) Check all tribe settings on: https://forum.bloody-ark.com/tribe-bonus PVP Balance:: - All Titans Structure Damage enabled versus Company and Divisions Votes:: • Managarmr [ENABLED/DISABLED] • No Cave Season [Yes/No] • Element Transfer [Complete Freedom/No Exports from Extinction/No Transfering] • Add Fjördur as a Fraciton to the cluster [Yes/No] • Add Auctions House Mod (Clustered) [Yes/No] • Remove Quest System [Yes/No] • Disable Railgun [Yes/No] • Feel free to add more Suggestions under #server-suggestions . Time Line:: - 08/September @ 20:00 - #Vote for new changes - 10/September @ 20:00 - Public Season 13 Highlights - 12/September @ 08:00 - Season 13 ends, Donation Store closed and show result of the votes. - 13/September @ 19:00 - Season 14 starts with bloody weekend - 14/September @ 08:00 - Enable Starter Kit - 15/July @ 08:00 - New Player Protection turns on for all new tribes that joined after activation. - During week 2 - Donation Store purchases made after July 19 August re-sent. - During week 2 - Season 14 Donators receive a coupon for 20% of total Season 12 donations. We are looking for further team members to support our team! Please contact @Mizury Happy Friday the 13th!
  7. = Welcome to BloodyARK Fractions Server! = We invite you to try our unique server system! The server is based on fractions. As soon as you join the server you have to join one of three fractions. Players in the same fraction can build up together and fight boss battles with each other. For every kill of an opposing fraction your fraction gets a score. At the end of each season, the fraction with the most scores will receive awesome rewards. Global chat is limited to your fraction. Fractions: - Ironblood - the way of destruction. (Recommended for hardcore PVP players) - Endeavour - the way of prosperity. (Recommended for Peaceful Players) - Lawless - the way of the apostate. (Recommended for true Solo Speler) To join a fraction, type in the chat: /join FRACTIONNAME After you have joined a fraction, you can play on the server Maximum online player per fraction is set to 25 players. Features: ► Achievements with reward system ► Auction house to trade with another fraction ► Dino Tracker that shows you the coordinates of your dinos ► Homes that teleports you back to your base ► Automatic Boss Events Raid times: Raiding on an opposing fraction is allowed at any time. ORP Settings: Structures take 25% damage. Any defenses do x4 more damage. (e.g. Turrets) Settings: ► XP: x5 ► Taming: x25 ► Breeding: x25 ► Max Player Level 135 ► Max Dino Level 150 ► Max Tek Dino Level 180 Mods: - Structres Plus - ArkShop UI - HG StackMod 2500-50 - HG Cake Fix - Awesome Spyglass - Auctions House Server Start Sunday 01.09 - 14:00 (CEST) Server ip: Map: Ragnarok
  8. huehnerbein

    Bloody Tribe Hunting

    Stamm Name FOB UP Karte 2 Basis Standort Scourged Earth....Church Cave Anzahl der Stammesmitglieder 12
  9. Sly

    ChangeLog (21.07)

    Protection kit for small tribes is freely available for 24 hours (Press F1 in game)
  10. Update PVP Protection to 168 hours (7 days) Enabled Voting Rewards Update Private Message: Message colour to pm and defaulted away from server chat and instead using normal user chat with a colour it looks much nicer. Added autodecay again (hopefully the laggs are fixed) Raid Balancer: Adjustment Multiplier = 0.5 see #faq Items Cooldown: Readjusted Possible modifications servers settings during runtime (no restart needed) Passiv Dino Protection Update: Only passive instead of passive flee Removed requirement of ignoring whistle groups Add Baby Protection Added chat command to check owned dinos protection status (/dpp status) Also lists a reason why not protected Added additional message options for new dino status command Added option for turret dino protection (RequiresNotTurretMode = true) Potential Fix for Neutral and Aggressive dinos sometimes getting protected Added a Dino Blacklist for dinos that cannot be protected (currently Giga and Rex but we will add more dinos to the blacklist) Added a Structure Whitelist to allow customization of what structures can affect
  11. ChangeLog: Extinction Titans taming will be deactivated until 05.08 Added detection so you cannot build teleporters/beds/sleeping bag inside the mesh. Will also prevent when they snap (like s+ beds) S+ is now compatible with the Structure Memory Optimizations that Wildcard implementing recently (use launch command: -structurememopts) (all structures that dynamically altered their snap points were re-written to be compatible with the optimizations, none are opted out) (they claim to save 2-4 gb of bandwidth a month on official servers and the savings will be even greater for large S+ servers as S+ structures have more snap points, should also make large bases load faster as less data is being sent to the client, https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/community-crunch-180-memory-optimizations-and-contest-winners-r1209/
  12. Please upvote all the beautiful links and leave an amazing, stupendous, and happy glorious comment if you can. https://www.reddit.com/r/ARK/comments/cf5h3s/bloodyarkcom_best_pvp_server_eu_server_wipe_1907/ https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/cf5k0m/bloodyarkcom_best_pvp_server_eu_server_wipe_1907/ https://www.reddit.com/r/playarkservers/comments/cf5n2m/pc_servers_bloodyarkcom_best_pvp_server_eu_server/ https://www.reddit.com/r/SurviveTogether/comments/cf5wf9/pc_server_bloodyarkcom_best_pvp_server_eu_server/
  13. Result of the #votes • Managarmr [DISABLED] • Cave Building [PERMITTED] • Prohibit the placement of OFFLINE RAID PROTECTION in all caves [NO] • Element Transfer [Complete Freedom] • Element Dust Transfer [All Maps] Our adjustments Turret, Structure and Dino limits increased Tek Turrets = 50, Heavy Turrets = 400, Normal Turrets = 450 Structure Limit = 12000 Dino Limit = 400 Survivor Weight and Speed limit remains Server start; 19/07/19 - 19:00 (CEST) COUNT DOWN https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20190719T19&p0=37&msg=SEASON+13+START+FRIDAY+19%3A00+(CEST)&font=slab
  14. Hi, Im looking to get started with ARK again after a year of exploring the game universe. I have around 2k hours played and i specialize within building and breeding, but i do like me some PVP dino orgies. Im looking for either a tribe or some tribe mates with atleast decent experience and very active and which are atleast 20+ (im 34 myself), to invade the freshly wipe server 19/07-19 19:00. Hope this can peak someones interrest.
  15. Dear Community, We are pleased to announce that season 13 will be starting soon, which means that all maps will be wiped on 19 July 19:00 CEST ! [timezone] [Season 13 Changelist] Settings - Turret, Structure and Dino limits increased Turret 75 Tek Turrets, 400 Normal Turrets, 400 Heavy Turrets Structure Limit = 12000 Dino Limit 400 - Mindwipe Cooldown changed to 6 hours at all times - Removed the cap on Survivor's Speed and Weight Plugins and Mods - Structured Decay - Cake Fix - PVP Protection Kits now have a cooldown - Tribe Cooldown - You have to wait 24 hours after kicking a tribemember for their slot to become available to a new survivor. Tribes - Tribe limit increased to 12 - Solo, Duo and trio can create 1 alliance - Squad size changed to 4-7 - Company size changed to 8-12 - Squads and Companies can no longer buy PVP Protection PVP Balance - Titans Structure Damage enabled versus Squad and Company Structures (special thanks to @Haragon#2062) - ORP now uses a bubble instead of affecting all owned structures - Turret Damage is dynamic based on how outnumbered the defending tribe. Turrets will periodically scan the number of enemy players within a range and compare that to the number of players online for the defending tribe. When the defending tribe is outnumbered, the turrets will deal bonus damage. Defenders logging out will not be reflected until the combat-timer expires. Votes - Managarmr [ENABLED/DISABLED] - Cave Building [PERMITTED/FORBIDDEN] - Element Transfer [Complete Freedom/No Exports from Extinction/No Transfers at All] Time Line - 14/July @ 20:00 - #Vote for new changes - 15/July @ 20:00 - Public Season 12 Highlights - 17/July @ 20:00 - Season 12 ends, Donation Store closed and show result of the votes. - 19/July @ 19:00 - Season 13 starts with bloody weekend - 20/July @ 08:00 - Enable Starter Kit - 21/July @ 08:00 - New Player Protection turns on for all new tribes that joined after activation. - During week 2 - Donation Store purchases made after July 01 re-sent. - During week 2 - Season 13 Donators receive a coupon for 20% of total Season 12 donations. - During week 2 - Season 12 Highlights Rewards distributed.
  16. We're pleased to announce that we will be launching a new, semi-primitive PVE server on July 12th at 18:00 (CEST). This server will not be connected to the cluster, and is a standalone experience. This server will take place on Valguero. It's a completely standard, PVP server but we've made the following adjustments: * Manually disabled all turrets, advanced weapons/explosives and the Tek-tier (you don't need the Primitive Plus DLC). * Rather than using the PVE settings, you can instead claim PVE Protection from the store - it's free and each use lasts 7 days. While in PVE mode, you and your dinos are invulnerable but you can switch to PVP whenever you want for some open-world antics and bonus rates. Structures are always invulnerable except for tribes that have mutually agreed to go to war. Note that you cannot turn PVE back on while you're in combat. Features: * Flyers and Managarmr are untameable * New Skills and Daily Quests * New Mod: Advanced Architecture (Castles and Forts) * New Mod: Stargates * New Mod: Indomitable Rex * PVE Events (e.g. boss fights, horde survival, snail racing, raft battles, etc) Base Rates: * XP: x3 (x4.2 in PVP mode) * Harvest: x3 (x4.2 in PVP mode) * Taming: x5 * Breeding: x10 * Dino Limit: 500 * Structure Limit: 20000 Tribe Ranks: * Solo (Bonuses + 4 Allies) * Duo (Bonuses + 3 Allies) * Trio (Bonuses + 2 Allies) * Squad (Bonuses + 1 Ally) * Company (No bonuses nor allies) Mod List: * https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1641380916
  17. Double D Detlef

    Bloody Tribe Hunting

    Stamm Name Dübel Gewinnt Karte 3 Basis Standort 27 / 23 Anzahl der Stammesmitglieder 2
  18. Dear Community, We're excited to announce that the upcoming map, Valguero, will be added to the cluster upon its official release tonight (18th June) - although that's a Wild Card 'tonight', so you never know. We will not be wiping the cluster, but we will be preventing items and creatures from being transferred INTO Valguero until Monday 24th. Additionally, players on Valguero will not be able to access the Ark Shop nor claim lootboxes. The Bloody Weekend will start with the release of the map, raiding is allowed until sunday 20:00, so we expect to see you fighting over the best spots! And to encourage you to get involved, Valguero will have some unique quests that you will only have the opportunity to complete until Monday 24th. ORP Settings for Valguero * Structures: Invulnerable (till 24.06) * Passive Dinos: Invulnerable * Turrets: Standard Damage and Infinite Ammo (till 24.06) Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4zW1SQTrtg Preload the expansion: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1100810/Valguero__ARK_Expansion_Map Read more: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Valguero Server IP: valguero.bloody-ark.com:27018
  19. Snytch

    Bloody Tribe Hunting

    Stamm Name HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Karte 0 Basis Standort 55,2 / 66 Anzahl der Stammesmitglieder 8
  20. Life Night

    Bloody Tribe Hunting

    Tribe Name Le Supremmé Map 3 Base Location 26/02 Number of Tribe Members 6
  21. evileninja

    Rebuild Kit - Evileninja

    For reset feel free to reset all chars to level 1, and reset account quests or just wipe whole account like I'm new, if you would be so kind. If you award beta or gamma or points for the dinos bought that would truly make my day. The main character affected is the lvl 85 Ragnarok character Evile just FYI. Thanks again for keeping Ark Bloody, and hope you have a great weekend all! Respectfully, John Brode Jr
  22. Been wiped out of all equipment, supplies and dinos twice now. Ticket was submitted both times with no reply. I know you guys are busy keeping thisw awesome server running so just in case it was missed I'm posting the ticket info here, requesting beta or gamma kit due to materials dinos supplies, and hours invested, along with character reset if possible since quest rewards were stolen as well. I WAS RAIDED OUTSIDE OF BLOODY WEEKENDS Dear admin(s), My character (EvileNinja) on Ragnarok was raided outside of bloody weekend. I lost over 30k points of dinos alone. I lost tames I had made and leveled very high. Countless materials were taken including thousands of ingots, metal walls/foundations/ceilings, tons of other materials including multiple element, of special note. Mastercraft/ascendant saddles/blueprints were also taken or destroyed. Quest rewards were taken or destroyed. I literally have nothing left but a shell of a base raided by: (new guys) and now have no more entry level quest rewards or creatures for that matter not to mention around 50 Silver lootbox contents. I honestly don't know what to do this was literally my only base on the server as you can check and verify. I have honored the server rules and now am left wanting. Base was completely metal and much of that including turrets are destroyed and inoperable. Could you please reset my quests even if that means restarting and wiping my character to level 1. Please reset character as I'm depressed by loss of awesome dinos I earned... This would give me a chance to start somewhere unscathed by people who broke server rules. A beta or gamma kit is also requested due to the dozens of dinos/building supplies/crafting materials/blueprints lost in this illegal raid. Please grant the requests of resetting my character completely and either a beta/gamma rebuild kit, or equivalent points to recoup the hours of time lost that you can verify in your records and numbers well over, this would be a godsend and a blessing. I am a disabled combat veteran and absolutely love your server with its extreme variety of fun and interesting maps and unique and frankly awesome server rules. This game and your servers specifically help me with a lot of issues while undergoing medical care and physical rehabilitation. I am happy to send pics to prove my military service without hesitation. I'm just so bummed someone disregarded the rules and sacked my main and supply filled base on Ragnarok that I was about to store valuables for the upcoming weekend as well as up defenses. It is the only server I have built anything on and as of now is all for not due to a situation out of my hands and against the server rules. Thanks for taking the time to read this and please let me know if you would like to chat later. Very Respectfully, John Brode Jr.
  23. The_Girth_Wagon

    Bloody Tribe Hunting

    Tribe Name Sasquatch Map 0 Base Location 49, 68 Number of Tribe Members 9
  24. Sly

    Rebuild Kit - Anfragen

    Erledigt - Closed
  25. Hallo zusammen, letzten Samstag wurde unser Tribe inkl Basis in Abwesenheit aller Spieler geraidet. Es wurden nur die Gebäude zerstört und geplündert. Nach minimaler Reparatur und Wiederherstellung der Gebäude wurde ein weiteres Mal geraidet. Danach bestand erstmal kein Interesse während des Wochenendes aufzubauen, wenn im Anschluss alles zerstört wird. Am Sonntag haben wir noch einmal kurz nachgeschaut und dann gesehen, wie ein gezähmter Giga alle neutralen Tiere getötet hat, sodass keine Überlebenden existiert haben. Daraufhin habe ich im Chat den Hinweis des Rebuild Kits gesehen. Also habe ich im Namen des Tribes ein solches beantragt, aber leider bis jetzt keinerlei Rückmeldung erhalten. Gibt es das Kit überhaupt? Welche Informationen fehlen noch oder war es das für uns auf dem Server? Gruß Daniel Tribe: Nasenbluten
  26. ossib

    Bloody Tribe Hunting

    Stamm Name Fear Karte 1 Basis Standort alpha platto Anzahl der Stammesmitglieder 8
  27. Mihara

    Bloody Tribe Hunting

    Stamm Name Black Hawk Karte 0 Basis Standort 56,7 52,6 Anzahl der Stammesmitglieder 7
  28. xMem0rie

    Bloody Tribe Hunting

    Stamm Name Divinity Karte Aberration Basis Standort 43.1 56.2 Anzahl der Stammesmitglieder 8
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