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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Season 14 will begin on Friday
  • September 13th at 19:00. (CEST TIMES)
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    Your base is ready and you feel absolutely safe outside the raid times? Then register your tribe in the Tribe Hunting List. 

    As soon as your tribe is on the list, your tribe members will receive the following rewards: 

    8x Bloody Points: Every 30 min all tribe members get 80 points
    Special Dailyquests for all Tribemembers
    Harvesting Multiplier: x1.25
    Alpha Tag: Get another Chat Color 

    The Tribe receive for each week, while the base is still standing 50€ Shop Coupon.

    PVE PROTECTION must not be used, otherwise all points of all tribe members will be set to 0.

    Face the ultimate survival challenge and survive them all!

    Requirement: Your tribe must have at least 2000 structures.

    Deregistration only possible after 72 hours

    Tribes on the List may be raided at any time. 
    ORP is forbidden to be set in Restricted Areas while on the Tribehunt List.
    If you manage to Raid a Tribe on the list you will be rewarded with a 100€ Shop Coupon


  • apply-now-rot.png.0f7ff271a78570e3d93145

  • Once one of these Tribes has been successfully raided to this coordinate, the attacker will receive 100€ Shop Coupon

    Tribe Name: KGB | Coordinates: 61 Lat, 46 Lon | Map: Extinction

    Tribe Name: KGB | Coordinates: 19 Lat, 24 Lon | Map: The Center

    Tribe Name: FOB UP | Coordinates: 78 Lat, 75 Lon | Map: Scorched Earth

    Tribe Name: Entourage | Coordinates: 23 Lat, 24 Lon | Map: Center

    Tribe Name: Die Milchschnitten | Coordinates:  48 Lat, 27 Lon | Map: Aberration

    Tribe Name: Black Hawk | Coordinates: 37 Lat 91 Lon, Map: Valguero