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  1. evileninja

    Rebuild Kit - Evileninja

    For reset feel free to reset all chars to level 1, and reset account quests or just wipe whole account like I'm new, if you would be so kind. If you award beta or gamma or points for the dinos bought that would truly make my day. The main character affected is the lvl 85 Ragnarok character Evile just FYI. Thanks again for keeping Ark Bloody, and hope you have a great weekend all! Respectfully, John Brode Jr
  2. Been wiped out of all equipment, supplies and dinos twice now. Ticket was submitted both times with no reply. I know you guys are busy keeping thisw awesome server running so just in case it was missed I'm posting the ticket info here, requesting beta or gamma kit due to materials dinos supplies, and hours invested, along with character reset if possible since quest rewards were stolen as well. I WAS RAIDED OUTSIDE OF BLOODY WEEKENDS Dear admin(s), My character (EvileNinja) on Ragnarok was raided outside of bloody weekend. I lost over 30k points of dinos alone. I lost tames I had made and leveled very high. Countless materials were taken including thousands of ingots, metal walls/foundations/ceilings, tons of other materials including multiple element, of special note. Mastercraft/ascendant saddles/blueprints were also taken or destroyed. Quest rewards were taken or destroyed. I literally have nothing left but a shell of a base raided by: (new guys) and now have no more entry level quest rewards or creatures for that matter not to mention around 50 Silver lootbox contents. I honestly don't know what to do this was literally my only base on the server as you can check and verify. I have honored the server rules and now am left wanting. Base was completely metal and much of that including turrets are destroyed and inoperable. Could you please reset my quests even if that means restarting and wiping my character to level 1. Please reset character as I'm depressed by loss of awesome dinos I earned... This would give me a chance to start somewhere unscathed by people who broke server rules. A beta or gamma kit is also requested due to the dozens of dinos/building supplies/crafting materials/blueprints lost in this illegal raid. Please grant the requests of resetting my character completely and either a beta/gamma rebuild kit, or equivalent points to recoup the hours of time lost that you can verify in your records and numbers well over, this would be a godsend and a blessing. I am a disabled combat veteran and absolutely love your server with its extreme variety of fun and interesting maps and unique and frankly awesome server rules. This game and your servers specifically help me with a lot of issues while undergoing medical care and physical rehabilitation. I am happy to send pics to prove my military service without hesitation. I'm just so bummed someone disregarded the rules and sacked my main and supply filled base on Ragnarok that I was about to store valuables for the upcoming weekend as well as up defenses. It is the only server I have built anything on and as of now is all for not due to a situation out of my hands and against the server rules. Thanks for taking the time to read this and please let me know if you would like to chat later. Very Respectfully, John Brode Jr.