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  1. Sly

    Solo/Duo Bonus

    Just apply here https://forum.bloody-ark.com/tribe-bonus
  2. Change Log: New Plugins: Lottery Ticket: All players can purchase a lottery ticket for 100 points. The winner receives the percentage of the actual lottery pool. If there are several winners, they will be split equally. Commands: /lottery - Buy yourself a ticket for the current running Lottery Private Message: Privately message a online user by his or her start of character name non case sensitive /pm <CharacterName> <Message> /r <Message> response to a message Speed increase: IndustrialForgeCraftingSpeed x2 FabricatorCraftingSpeed x2 SmithyCraftingSpeed x2 Engrams unlocked: AnimalTender (5 slots) Limited structures that can be placed: Hitching Post = 3 (cause of lag) Tek Forcefield = 2 CloneChamber = 2 AnimalTender = 1 Discord: It is now possible to follow the ingame chat via Discord Depending on the rank, the tribelog or the possibility to write ingame via discord will be possible. Portal: Update to Extinction Portal bugfixes We have increased breeding speed from x15 to x20
  3. Dear Community It's finally time! In cooperation with BLACKROCK the Cluster Wars will take place this weekend. And please pay attention to the transfer time! "23.11.2018 20:00 - 25.11.2018 22:00" at this time you can transfer. After that time you can't transfer any more. Event Time / Duration: - • 23.11.2018 – 25.11.2018 - Friday: 20:00 - 01:00 - Saturday. 18:00 – 01:00 - Sunday: 13:00 - 19:00 Transfer time: - 23.11.2018 from 20:00 - 25.11.2018 22:00 Rules: - As soon as you join on Blackrock, the rules there apply. this also applies to Blackrock. You can read the rules on https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MvxjZ_FlyrvCvMdoUlJS5GY6KPdg_uAdBjAII-ihGks/. (Scroll down for the english version.) - At this event no Titans may be used. Where is the fight? - It will be possible to fight the Tribe Wars on all servers of Blackrock and BloodyARK. - Altogether there are 10 servers in the cluster during this time and that's free of lags! Transfer possibilities? - The characters, items and Dino download / upload are fully available to you. On behalf of Bloody-ARK and the Blackrock Team we wish you a lot of fun! Please note that newcomers should apply for forcefield protection so that your base and dinos are protected at this time. You can apply for it at: EVOLVE OR DIE German Version: Liebe Community Es ist endlich soweit! Dieses Wochenende findet das lang ersehnte Cluster Wars statt. In Kooperation mit BLACKROCK. Und bitte beachtet die Transfer Zeit! "23.11.2018 20:00 – 25.11.2018 22:00" zur Verfügung stehen. Danach könnt ihr nicht mehr von Bloody-ARK zu Blackrock und umgekehrt. Event Zeit / Dauer: • 23.11.2018 – 25.11.2018 • Fr: 20:00 – 01:00 • Sa. 18:00 – 01:00 • So: 13:00 – 19:00 Transfer Zeit: • 23.11.2018 ab 20:00 – 25.11.2018 22:00 Regeln: • Sobald ihr auf Blackrock joint, gelten die dortigen Regeln. Das gleiche gilt auch für Blackrock, sollten die unser Server joinen. Die Regeln könnt ihr gerne auf https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MvxjZ_FlyrvCvMdoUlJS5GY6KPdg_uAdBjAII-ihGks/ nachlesen. (Für die englische Version runter scrollen.) • Bei diesem Event dürfen keine Extinction Titans eingesetzt werden. Wo wird gekämpft? • Es wird möglich sein auf allen Servern von Blackrock und BloodyARK die Tribe Kriege durchzuführen. • Insgesamt sind in dieser Zeit 10 Server im Cluster und das laagfrei! Transfer Möglichkeiten? • Die Charaktere, Items und Dino download / upload stehen Euch vollumfänglich zur Verfügung Im Namen von Bloody-ARK und dem Blackrock Team wünschen wir Euch viel Spass! Bitte beachtet, dass neulinge den forcefield protection beantragen sollten, damit zu dieser Zeit eure Basis und Dinos geschützt sind. Beantragen kannst du es unter: https://forum.bloody-ark.com/topic/105-raid-protection/ EVOLVE OR DIE
  4. Dear Community, Some things happened in time. Here is a list of what has changed: Special for The Island: Better Spawn Distribution - Changes the spawn level distribution on official maps to match those of Ragnarok and The Center. Loot Quaility x1.5 Vote Reward: Has been fixed and can be used again. Chat command /vote New Player Protection (npp): Each new player automatically gets 1 week of raid protection, as soon as the player has reached level 100, the protection will be cancelled! New Chat Commands: /npp info - check Server NPP Info. /npp disable - disable tribe protection (only tribe leaders can do) /npp status - check remaining protection time (Data based oldest AND highest level tribe member) (Admins still do not remove protection from protected tribes on joining them). We start our weekend event with increased ratings: Breeding: x30 / Taming x15 / Mating Interval 0.6 Please donate for us so that we can activate advertising on the weekend. Currently we are missing 37 € http://prntscr.com/liqqa6 paypal adress: sly.sey@web.de Among all the supporters of the week we will be giving away 3000 bloody coins are distributed among all donors
  5. After a long break BloodyARK starts again! The new DLC Extinction is expected to be released on 06.11.2018 and we are all preparing for a new adventure. We are already busy adjusting the server settings and rules, so that we can start the server at 8 pm (CEST TIMES) on time. Important news in advance: - In advance we start with 2 maps (Extinction and Ragnarok), if the server performance is fine, we will probably add a third map. (Join our Discord Server and Vote for the 3. Map!! ---> https://discord.gg/yhJfkDh) - In the first week (06.11.18 - 11.11.18) raiding is allowed, but offline protection is enabled. You have to fight for the good building spots at the beginning. Please read the server rules in advance. Cooperation with Blackrock / Unique Event (Cluster Wars) Our Mods: ► S+ Structures ►HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 ►Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station ►Offline Guard System ►Omnicular ► Editable Server UI (WBUI) Our Settings: ► XP x3 ► Harvesting x5 ► Taming x8 ► Breeding x15 ► Structure limit 5000 ► Level Cap 104 + 15 + 15 ► Wild Dino Cap 150 ► Tamed Dinos limit 250 ► Saddled Platform-Dinocount 10 ► Gamma enabled ► 1 Alliance 2 Tribes ► Tribe limit 8 Our Plugins: ► Shop, Currency & Kits ► KillFeed ► AutoProtection ► Vote Rewards ► Kill Points and Stats Change of rules: It may now be built everywhere, but the locations: Artifact Caves, Obilisk, Caves where larger dinosaurs such as Trikes do not fit, have special rules. Whoever builds there may be attacked at any time. Raid Times: Friday: 20:00 - 01:00 Saturday: 18:00 - 01:00 Sunday: 13:00 - 19:00 Visit our Website: https://bloody-ark.com/ Visit our Portal: http://portal.bloody-ark.com/ Check our Server Infos: https://forum.bloody-ark.com/server-info Check our Rules: https://forum.bloody-ark.com/rules/ Donation so that we can buy advertising: sly.sey@web.de Server Countdown Your Bloody Ark Team
  6. Sly

    Voting Event

    The voting event starts today For each vote you get 100 bloody points and random loot ! Visit => https://forum.bloody-ark.com/vote/
  7. Its always better to make an appointment so that everyone can hear about wiping. And about the Ressorce Respawn, specifies the scaling factor for the respawn rates for resource nodes (trees, rocks bushes, etc). Lower values cause nodes to respawn more frequently
  8. Sly

    S+ Transfer tool

    Hey Asergo ! With the transfer tool you can fill turrets quite easily. Therefore, it was also removed. If you have any question dont hesitate to ask us on discord
  9. Dear Community, We are pleased to announce that season 7 will be starting this coming Friday, which means that all maps will be wiped on July 27 at 7 pm CEST ! We know that this decision may not be the most popular with some of our players. If you’ve joined with the expectation of a non-wipe server, we apologize for the disappointment and hope you will continue to play on our cluster. When this all began we spoke of potentially having a wipe every 2-4 months based on numerous factors such as player population. If the cluster goes on too long without a fresh start we risk the chance of having a dead cluster. Between this and implementations that the staff wish to apply to the cluster; now has been determined to be the perfect time. Registration times for raid protection will start from 30 July We will change our mods and some specific settings. The rules has been updated: 5.1 Keep your tribe name consistent across the cluster. If you are raiding on another map with friends, create a tribe with your tribe name and create an alliance. Creating a fictitious tribe simply to raid is not allowed. No changing tribe names. 5.5 No insiding. A tribe owner exclusively owns all of the tribe’s resources and dinos. We start our season with the maps: Ragnarok, The Island, Aberration Map Settings: Ragnarok Wild Spawn Bronto disabled Ressource Respawn Time = 0.6 Island Wild Spawn Bronto enabled Loot Quality 1.5 Ressource Respawn Time = 0.5 Aberration Ressource Respawn Time = 1 (default) General: Element Transfer disabled Tribes with least two members can apply raidprotection twice We use now the Offline Protection from Ark - means grouping an alliance is only possible during the raid times Settings: Wild Dino Level Cap 150 Player Cap 102 + 15 + 15 Tribe Limit 8 Max Allianzen Per Tribe: 1 Max Tribe Per Alliance: 2 Log Admin to Chat - Enabled Reach level 100 and get enough engram points to learn all engrams Starter Kit (Available in the second week) Titanosaurus disabled Rate settings (every weekend the rates will increased) XP x3 Harvesting x5 Taming x8 Breeding x15 Cuddle Interval x0.2 Dino Limit 300 Mating 1 (default) Loot Drop Quality 1.2 Fishing Loot Quality 1.5 Turret Limit 125 Mods: HG Stacking Mod 50-1000 S+ Structures Cooldown Flag (Only for tribes with raid protection) Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station Editable Server UI Tribute and Element Transfer SERVER PLUGINS Shop, Currency & Kits Cross Chat KillFeeds Private Message Vote Rewards Shop Rewards & Stats Death Match Engrams S+ Glass disabled S+ XL Structures disabled S+ Large Structures disabled S+ Medium Structures disabled S+ Transmitter disabled / Vanilla Transmitter enabled S+ Teleporter disabled / Vanilla Teleporter enabled S+ Some S+ Guns disabled S+ Pull Gun enabled S+ Nanny disabled S+ AnimalTender disabled S+ Turrets disabled S+ Beds disabled Disabled TEK Sleeping Pod Mutator Repulser Pad Personal Teleporter Forcefield Walls XL Wall Large Wall Medium Pillar Large Pillar Fence Support Fence ATV Your Bloody Ark Team
  10. Sly

    Voting Event

    For each vote you get 60 bloody points and a loot box.
  11. Sly


    Server Wipe on 29.06.2018 at 6 pm (CEST TIMES). Check all information about the new season on our forum: https://forum.bloody-ark.com/topic/180-server-wipe-29062018-6-pm-cest/ During the first Bloody Weekend raiding is allowed until Sunday 6 pm Registration times for raid protection will start from 1 July at 6 pm
  12. Sly

    Ark hängt

    schreib mich in discord an, wir werden bestimmt da eine lösung finden
  13. Sly

    Ark hängt

    Hast du mal Ark auf Fehler überprüft? Rechtsklick auf Ark -> Eigenschaften -> Lokale Dateien -> Dateien auf Fehler überprüfen..
  14. until
    Voting Event: get 10 element for each vote. Event End: 07.06 - 11:59 pm (cest times) Visit: https://forum.bloody-ark.com/vote/
  15. Sly

    Holiday Event

    Weekend Event: x7 Harvesting/ x2. Fishing Loot Quality/x1.5 Loot Drop Quality / x2 BP - 10 bloody points every 15 minutes Start 7 am Thursday 31.05 - 04.06 until Monday 7 am