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  • 1.0 - Community Rules

    [1.1 - No Insulting]
    Keep it civil. A bit of competitive showboating/taunting (aka "BMing") is fine, but don't descend into hurling abuse at one another.

    [1.2 - No Advertisements]

    [1.3 - No Spam]

    [1.4 - No Cheating or Exploits]
    Cheating in all forms is a bannable offense - including but not limited to: glitches, undermeshing, meshbiting or leaving the map. No excuses. This also includes admins who abuse their access to console commands (or other server features) for reasons other than performing their support duties.
    Any unintended mechanics as a result from a plugin/mod that gives unfair advantages can be deemed exploitation at the admins discretion, and can result in punishment.Admins have the final word.
    Included in this is using exploits with friends to get to the top of our achievement lists. It is being tracked and foul play will be punished.
    Admins have the final word!!

    [1.5 - No Griefing]
    Examples of griefing include but is not limited to:
    - Soaking turrets outside of raid time.
    - Respawn-camping players within their own base outside of raid times.
    - Dropping aggressive dinos into bases with New Player Protection.
    - Blocking other tribes from expanding their base.
    - Do not deliberately block player spawn locations.
    - Circumventing the PvP/PvE protection
    Admins have the final word!!

    [1.6 No Insiding]
    Joining a tribe with the deliberate intent of sabotage, or sabotaging your own tribe as you when you leave to join another is considered a form of cheating. This includes stealing property, turning off turrets, disclosing pin codes or leaving containers unlocked. Insiding your alliance is forbidden.
    Recruiting an inexperienced player who gets your dinos killed or forgets to close a door is not considered to be insiding


  • 2.0 - Tribe Rules

    [2.1 - Tribe Name and Player name]
    You are not permitted to raid under an alias.
    You are not permitted to impersonate another tribe. 
    Your Tribe and Player name must not contain symbols/letters the game won’t recognize, or contain profanities.

    [2.2 - Tribe Limit]
    The Tribe Limit is 12 Players. Exploiting the tribe limit is considered a form of cheating e.g. having a log-out room.
    You must have the same members on all maps, with the same owner. A plugin will tether players to the tribe owner.

    [2.3 - Base Limits]
    Each tribe may only maintain one Main Base, 4 Teleporter Stations, one Dino Hanger and one Water Pen, per map.

    Main base: Main base of operations with majority of turrets etc.
    NOTE. If you want to go bush-wookie and stay small on one map, clearly signal that with a sign or similar that a small base is your main base, so there can be no confusion to an outpost.

    Dino Hangar: Dino storage area, can be separate from the main base. 
    No turret restrictions, but excessive storage not allowed.

    Water Pen: Water Dino storage area, can be separate from the main base. No turret restrictions, but excessive storage not allowed.

    Teleporter stations: Tribes may maintain 4 teleporter stations across the maps, with a maximum of 20 turrets, limited storage and supplies. No limit on plant turrets
    These may NOT be used as a FOB! Fobs must be built separate from the teleporter if a raid is nearby. Any teleporter used in a raid will be 24/7 raidable.

    Lone teleporter: teleporters with little to no defences, and/or not given proper foundation supports. 

    Outposts: Outposts for farming, taming etc that aren’t fully enclosed have to be removed after use. Enclosed ones need to be regularly used or removed. Limited storage, limited turrets.

    You may build at almost any location, but the following locations are classified as Restricted Zones:
    - All Maps:  Obelisks and fair range around them. If your turrets are at risk of shooting players heading for the obelisk, its restricted.
    All caves may be built in, but they are always 24/7 raidable. Also applies to ratholes, underwater caves and bubbles.
    - Aberration/Valguero ab zone: Surface Entrances. Every spot that isn't fully reachable by a walking trike. No jumping from above. No cryopodding. On foot from the start. Shadow Cave is hardbanned (no building)
    - Extinction: City Terminals.
    - Ragnarok: Wyvern Trench.
    - Valguero: Abyss entrances

    BANNED ZONES! Unintended building areas that wildcard did not intend but messed up. Key features include but are not limited to: crawlspaces and mesh troubles. Building in these will result in instant base deletion at no compensation. Admins have the last word. 

    Bases in restricted Zones are raidable at any time!!

    [2.4 - Tribe Bounty]
    Tribe Owners can apply via Discord to have a Bounty put on their tribe. While active, the tribe can be raided at all times but gains a significant boost to rates. Successfully raiding a Bounty Tribe will earn you a significant reward and remove the Bounty.Bounties are tied to a specific map, but Tribe Owners can apply for the Bounty on as many maps as they like.If you apply for a tribe hunt, you have 3 days to cancel it. After that you either live as an Alpha, or die as an Alpha.

  • 3.0 - PVP Rules

    [3.1 - Raiding]
    Bloody Ark defines raiding as attacking a tribe's base (Main Base, Dino Hangar or Water Pen or Teleporter Station).
    Raiding is not permitted except during the Bloody Weekends, unless the target has built in a Restricted Zone or is the target of a Bounty. Bases built in Restricted Zones may be raided at any time. 
    Alliance/Blue Raiding is not allowed. 
    You have to remove your FOB after the Bloody Weekend.
    Should it be a raid on a restricted zone, the moment your raid is over, the FOB is taken down.
    Lone Teleporters and Outposts(farming, taming etc) may be destroyed at any time. Hatchframe protected Dinos or fully armored Dinos are forbidden and can be deleted on sight and have further punishment. If a turret would have severe difficulties in getting a target lock due to the platform design, it is not allowed! 
    The Bloody Weekend begins every Friday at 20:00 CET and ends on Sunday at 20:00 CET. 
    You are not permitted to raid while under any form of PVP Protection.

    [3.2 - Wiping]
    Bloody Ark defines wiping as destroying an enemy's structures to the point of no-return. Wiping IS permitted during Bloody Weekend and on weekdays if it is in a restricted zone. See https://forum.bloody-ark.com/rebuild/ If you’ve been wiped.
    During Bloody weekends you are also free to actively contest areas of other players.
    (No longer a declaration of war needed to steal a spot during weekends)

    [3.3 - Open-world PVP]
    Active at all times.
    Placing Turrets on open pvp is only allowed if you're picking it up or turning those off afterwards.
    As far as the topic of sniping tames inside a base, the following applies: 
    If you can get clean shots without having to soak a single bullet or destroy any spam/structures in the way, you’re allowed to kill hostile tames at all times. If you have to soak bullets, block turrets in any way or destroy structures, it is ONLY allowed during raid times or against bases in restricted zones. It is up to the tame owner to ensure their tames are not exposed!

    [3.4 - Teaming]
    Teaming is only allowed as far as helping to defend your friends tribe’s bases. Teaming while raiding is forbidden, as is teamwork during open pvp if it is a 2 tribes vs 1 tribe scenario. FFA open-pvp is allowed. 
    No “extra snipers” in the bushes during raids etc.

    [3.5 - Imprisonment]
    You cannot hold another player prisoner for longer than 30 minutes. The exception to this rule is during a raid, in which case players may be kept imprisoned for the duration of the raid. Imprisoned players must be released within 30 minutes of the raid being declared as over. If all attacking players are captured, the raid is classified as over.

  • 4.0 - PVP Protection

    [4.1 - PVP Protection] --- NOTE, pvp protection is getting reworked, these rules will update, pay attention to relevant announcement!

    New players receive 7 days of PVE. You can opt-out early, if you like. Unlike other servers, this bonus is not lost upon reaching a certain level - get as much done in these 7 days as you like!
    Abusing your PVE to grief other players is not permitted. Do not damage their unconscious tames, do not scout enemy bases, do not drop aggressive dinos, etc. 

    - You must disable your PVE Protection if you build in a Restricted Zones. It will be disabled without warning, otherwise.
    - Protection gets removed if you invite someone without protection in your tribe
    - Joining an alliance will disable your protection
    - Buying PVP Protection while you're getting raided is forbidden
    Please submit a ticket if the plugin is not working for your tribe.

    [4.2 - Offline Raid Protection]
    0% dmg taken on weekdays and infinite ammo
    25% dmg taken on weekends and 4x turret damage.
    Placing any Kind of Orp or PVE is forbidden in restricted areas. By breaking this rule Admins will remove the Orp / PVE without any warning.
    CAVE SPECIFIC ORP: ORP may not be used in Artifact caves OR caves/ratholes/etc with an entrance that a trike would not be able to fit through on foot, or artifact caves. Enabling ORP in these locations will result in it being removed and potentially further punishment.).
    The following locations are also ORP blacklisted:
    Ragnarok map
    19.6° Lat, 65.3° Lon -- Lava cave
    10.5° Lat, 24.0° Lon -- Underwater Mushroom cave
    27.3° Lat, 47.7° Lon -- Triple waterfall cave

    It may however be used in other caves but those are still subject to being 24/7 raidable.

    If you're absent for 3 days or more please open a ticket so we don't remove your base.

    [4.3 - Passive Dino Protection]
    Passive dino protection - Details in #server settings - May not be abused in order to block off access to areas/content.
    Examples include but are not limited to:
    Throwing out a large tame from cryo inside a cave to restrict other people from having access to the cave. Or straight up walking it in or blocking the entrance to said cave.

    Completing a tame and then leaving it there blocking new spawns, e.g. taming gachas on extinction and leaving them there passive protected.