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  • 1. Building rules


    Each tribe may have 1 Main Base, 1 Water Hall and 1 Dino Hanger on each map. The base must be marked with a flag.

    1.2. Temporary structures

    Structures outside of the base like taming-structures and campfires should be removed by the player after they have been used.

    1.3. Abandoned buildings

    Structures and dinos will be automatically decayed after 4 days. If you're going on vacation, make sure to tell an admin so we can make sure they do not get destroyed.

    1.4. Building restrictions

    Whoever builds at the location below may be attacked at any time:

    All maps: Artifact-Caves, Under Water Caves, Obelisks

    Aberration: Surface Entrance
    Extinction: City Terminals
    Ragnarok: Dragon Canyon
    The Center: Bear Cave

    • Caves where trikes do not fit in
    • All structures must be destroy-able and visible. Do not undermesh structures or use the hide feature on S+ to prevent building. Do not build outside the map.
    • After the Bloody Weekends (Sunday 20:00) the FOB must be removed .
    • Do not build on  Spawn Points.
    • Do not build on Ragnarok Lava Golem and Ice Queen Caves.
  • 2. Passive Dino Protection

    2.1 Protection Requirement

    Make sure the dino is set to passive flee, is not following anything, is set to ignore whistles, has no one riding, has 0 weight(empty inventory no saddle), has at least 90% health, and is about 10-15 foundations away from an enemy structure. Keep in mind that you can damage your own dinos. If an enemy player attacks them they should only do 3-5 damage that heals and get a notification that they are protected.

    2.2 Passiv Dino Abuse

    It is not allowed to abuse the Passive Dino Protection for any attack strategy or defense of the base.

    2.3 Passiv Dino Protection Time

    If the conditions for passive protection are complied the dino is protected at any time, even during raid times.

  • 3. Open PVP Times Rules

    (Non Raidtimes)

    3.1 During Open PVP, every dino may be killed.
    To prevent your dinos from being killed during non-raid, put them into a building or meet the requirement of passive dino protection.

    3.2 Soaking turrets, camping areas or griefing is forbidden.

    3.3 Open PVP Building Rules
    Auto Turrets may only be placed for base protection during Open PVP and not randomly across the map.
    The Cooldown Flag may only be used to protect the main base, water hall or dino hangar.
    It is not allowed to block other peoples building locations with foundations.

  • 4. Bloody Weekends

    4.1. Bloody Weekends

    During weekends, Bloody Weekends are active, which means that raiding is allowed on every map (times are listed in 4.2.).

    4.2. Bloody Times
    All our Time are CET
    Raidtime: Friday 20:00 - Sunday 20:00 
    OpenPVP Time: Sunday 20:00 - Friday 20:00

    4.3. Bloody Weekends Settings

    Offline Protection Settings during Bloody Weekend 
    - Structure Damage  = x5
    - Structure Resistance = x4
    - Up delay = 1 hour
    - Down delay = 30 second 
    - Raid penalty = 30 Minutes Example: (Structure was damaged a few minutes before you want to go off, ORP activation then shifts by 30 minutes. )


    With the Cooldown flag you can protect your base during raid times.
    The prices are cheaper for Solo and Two Man Tribes

    Cross Chat is disabled

    PVP Respawn Interval is enabled

    4.4. Cooldown Flag

    BE CAREFUL:  If you place the Cooldown flag you are no longer allowed to raid.
    During an active raid, the Cooldown flag may not be used.
    Your base is currently under attack.
    The opponent has already set up a Forward Operating Base (FOB).
    You have attacked a base before.

    If you still set a flag, it will be removed immediately after the notification.

    4.5. Imprisonment of other players

    Other players may only be imprisoned for a maximum duration of 30 min. If you're not online when the time runs out, make sure to kill or release him before. (during the raid times, the regulation is ineffective)

    4.6. Raid rules

    Bases may only be destroyed as far as necessary to get to their resources/blueprints. If you want to take over another tribes base spot, you have to announce a tribe-war at least 4 days before raiding so the defender still has the chance to move their base. If the defenders base gets destroyed, the attackers are bound to destroy their old base and rebuild it on the new spot. It is only allowed to do that every 3 weeks.

    4.7. Burden of proof

    Generally there is a burden of proof for attackers/defenders to prove something right or wrong. As a prove we only accept screenshots, videos or streams.

    4.8. Screenshots

    Screenshots are only accepted when uploaded in the steam library. (F12 - Steam Library - Upload pictures - paste link)

  • 5. Chat/discord/teamspeak rules

    5.1. Insulting

    Insulting of other players is not allowed. Stay social and do not get personal or you will have to live with the consequences.

    5.2. Advertisements

    It is not allowed to make advertisements for other servers.

    5.3. Spam

    Spamming is not allowed.

  • 6. General

    6.1. Cheating

    Cheating as well as using glitches or exploits is strongly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban. (These rules also apply to admins. The only exception is the use of admin-cheats for support and our reward-system)

    6.2 Tribe Limit

    It is not allowed to bypass the tribe limit. (Log out room).

    6.3 Keep your tribe name consistent across the cluster. 
    If you are raiding on another map with friends, create a tribe with your tribe name and create an alliance. 
    Creating a fictitious tribe simply to raid is not allowed. No changing tribe names.

    6.4  No insiding. A tribe owner exclusively owns all of the tribe’s resources and dinos.