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Find your tames, view base stats and keep track of their food status. Get notified of pending imprints, the amount of fertilizer and gasoline remaining in your crops and generators. This and much more is available in your profile.
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  • Map
    Scorched Earth
    The Center
    The Island

    Guide: If the direct link does not work, use the instructions to add a server.

    Open Steam and click on View-> Select SERVER ->  Select the Favorites tab -> click below the button ADD SERVER. Give the IP ADDRES of each map (see above) and then CONNECT. The server is also displayed in your favorit list.


    unknown.png 1unknown.png
  • Server information

    • Time Zone: CET (Central European Time)
    • Auto-Restart + Wild Dino Kill : Every day at 07:30 
    • Auto-Update: Check intervall 30 min
    • Auto-Backup: Every 30 min
    • Automatic restart in the event of a server crash
    • Server Location: Germany
    • Founding: 20.08.2017
    • Start: 22.05.2020 - 19:00 CET


    Chat Commands


    Tribe Ranks

    /tribetime - Check time for tribe rank
    /triberank - Check your and all available ranks


    Integrated Discord with ARK

    /discord - Prints information message.
    /raidwarning <minutes> - Sets the raidwarning to <minutes> 0 = Off.
    /setdiscord <username> - Sets player Discord username, no quotes needed.
    /setdiscord <authkey> - Authorizes player with received code.


    Name Changer
    /setname - Prints information message.
    /setname <name> - Choose new name
    /setname confirm - Confirms the new name, and actually changes it


    Shop, Currency & Kits
    /points - Shows current amount of points.
    /buy <ID> <Amount> - Buys the item from shop.
    /trade <'CharacterName'> <Amount> - Sends points to other player (' ' - are necessary).
    /kit - Shows all kits.
    /kit <KitName> - Redeems the kit.
    /buykit <KitName> <Amount> - Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
    /shop <Page> - Shows a list of available items in the shop.
    /sell <ID> <Amount> - Sells an item.
    /shopsell<Page> - Shows a list of available for selling items.


    /suicide - pvp friendly will not kill you if you have handcuffs on, are on a dino or are knocked out


    Structures Limit
    /limit - shows structures limit


    Voting Rewards
    /vote - Checks for votes and awards player.


    Kill Board
    /mystats - Shows player's stats.
    /stats <Type> - Shows leaderboard. Type can be 'player' or 'dino'.


    Private Message
    /pm <CharacterName> <Message>
    /r <Message> response to a message


    Turret Filler
    /fill - fill turrets with ammunation 
    /turrets - Change turret settings





    Offline Raids are possible but harder

    Offline Protection Settings during Week
     Structure Damage (Turrets)  = x4
    Structure Resistance = 90% Damage Reduce

    Offline Protection Settings during Weekend
     Structure Damage (Turrets)  = x2
    Structure Resistance = 75% Damage Reduce




    XP 3-5  (Tribe Ranks)
    Harvesting 3-5 (Tribe Ranks)
    Taming 5-10 (Tribe Ranks)
    Breeding 5 (Nanny=75%)
    Mating Intervall Halved
    Structure Limit 12000
    Level Cap 150
    Wild Dino Cap 150
    Tamed Dinos limit 400
    Gamma enabled
    Alliance Limit 1
    Tribe limit 6
    Crosshair enabled
    Platform structures limit 35
    All Engrams learnable      enabled
    Mind Wipe 2 Hours
    Turret Limit 100
    Dino weight x3
    Human weight x2
    Imprint Bonus 1.2
    Loot Drop quality x1
    Fishing Loot Quality x1.2
    Third person view enabled
    Crosschat enabled 
    Boss HP/DMG Boost 20% higher
    Single Foundation/Pillar decays in 3 hours
    Base/Dino decays in 4 days