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Server Wipe on April 12th at 18:00 (GMT+1)

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Hello Survivors,

As you may already be aware, the developer of the Structures Plus mod has announced that he will no longer be supporting his mod - i.e. it will not receive any future updates or bug fixes. Unfortunately, a number of bugs have already appeared and this threatens the longevity of the cluster. As Structures Plus is a core mod, it is not an option to just remove the mod mid-season and we do not think it’s fair on you to continue forward with the possibility of un-intended wipes and rollbacks. And so, regrettably, we made the decision that it would be better to bring the current season to a premature end than to continue.

That said, we're not going to miss the opportunity to make some improvements!

New Maps
• The Center
• Scorched Earth

By popular demand, we're re-adding The Center to the cluster. In addition, we felt that Scorched Earth was the perfect addition.

New Mods
• Automated ARK
• S.W.A.P.S.

In conjunction with the recent Homestead patch to official, these two mods should replace all the gaps left by the removal of Structures Plus - with Automated ARK replacing the automation features and S.W.A.P.S. replacing the inventory management. We will be disabling certain structures, of course.

Bloody MMO 2.0
We're continuing to expand our Bloody MMO plug-in, and with this wipe comes additional skills and the introduction of quests and weekly challenges.
• New Skills: Angling, Breeding, Crafting and Taming
• New Quests, including PVP objectives.

Tribe Ranks
Each tribe is now assigned a rank based on the number of players within the tribe. Gaining tribe members will be reflected instantly, but removing a tribe member will take 24 hours to update. A tribe’s rank will be reflected in chat by a unique colour and icon.

• Solo (x2 Harvesting | x1.7 XP | x1.5 Weight | 5-Tribe Alliance)
• Duo (x1.7 Harvesting | x1.4 XP | x1.2 Weight | 4-Tribe Alliance)
• Trio (x1.3 Harvesting | x1.2 XP | 3-Tribe Alliance)
• Medium (4-6 Members | x1.1 Harvesting | 2-Tribe Alliance)
• Large (7-10 Members | 2-Tribe Alliance)

The alliance limit will reflect the largest tribe within the alliance. Note that these modifiers are multiplicative with the global rates. For example, the server-wide XP modifier is x3 and so for Solo Tribes this would be multiplied by 1.7 to x5.1 XP.

 Loyalty Store / Donator Changes
• Blueprints from lootboxes are now significantly rarer
• Item quality from lootboxes is now more inline with official loot containers
• High-end dinos (such as Giganotosaurus, Karkinos and Mek) removed from the store

Note that all donations made since March 22nd will be resent during Week 2. In addition, all who donated last season will receive a voucher equal to 20% of their total donations in Week 3.

Settings Changes
• Reworked rules
• Harvesting reduced to 3x
• Structure limit increased to 10k
• Managarmr disabled
• Anti-Popcorn no longer affects blueprints
• Gamma is now enabled at all times
• Mindwipes now have a 24 hour cooldown during the Bloody Weekend (unlimited the rest of the time)
• Autodecay enabled

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