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Raid Protection

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As soon as you join the server, you automatically get raid protection for 7 days. If you or one of your tribe members reaches level 100, your protection will be removed. This protection only affects your structures, should you need additional protection during your building time to protect yourself and your dinos, then apply for raid protection and receive a force field for 3 days.


Default Player Protection commands:
/npp info - check Server NPP Info.
/npp disable - disable tribe protection (only tribe leaders can do)
/npp status - check remaining protection time (Data based oldest AND highest level tribe member)
(Admins still do not remove protection from protected tribes on joining them).


Tribes who started less than 4 days, can apply for the forcefield protection.



Flag Informationen:

Redeem your kit with the chat command /kit prot then you will receive a cooldown flag and a coin.
Place the coin into the inventory of the flag and then activate it. Once activated, the flag will consume the coin and no matter what size is the forcefield it'll still be the amount of time specified on the coin so 3 days.
If you turn the Flag off, there will be no coming back, the coin will be consumed and they won't be able to turn it back on.
Basically the flag will protect your base and your dinos  by making an indestructible forcefield.


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