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ANNOUNCEMENT: Season 12 will begin on Friday, May 31st at 19:00

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Season 12 will begin on Friday, May 31st at 19:00.

We hear you loud and clear: you're ready for a fresh start! 

Planned Changes:

  • REMOVED: Automatic Ark
  • REMOVED: Lots of less-used plugins
  • REMOVED: Alliances
  • BALANCING: Bloody MMO 3.0
  • BALANCING: Loot box restrictions early game to prevent large/apex dinos
  • BALANCING: Boss Damage/Health being reduced closer to Official values
  • BALANCING: Harvesting back up to x5.
  • BALANCING: Increased Imprinting bonus. 
  • NEW: Shop GUI
  • NEW: Cross-Server TRIBE Chat
  • NEW: Deathmatch Plugin
  • NEW: CakeFix Plugin

#votes for Changes:
• Structures Plus [KEEP/REMOVE]
• Element Transfer [Complete Freedom/No Exports from Extinction/No Transfering]
• Titan Raiding [All Maps/Aberration&Extinction Only]
• Titan Structure Damage [ENABLE/DISABLED]
* ONLINE Raid Protection Type [Cooldown Flag/PVE Mode/None]
• OFFLINE Raid Protection Type [Global/Bubble/None]
• OFFLINE Raid Protection Resistance [Invulnerable/25%/None]
• Tribe Size [8/10/12/15]

All Donation Store purchases made since May 10 will be resent during Week 2. In addition, all who donated during Season 11 season will receive a coupon equal to 20% of their total donations in Week 2. The Donation Store will be closed until Monday, June 3rd, but after it opens you will only be allowed to make 1 purchase during the first week.

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Result of the votes
• Tribe Size [8]
• Structures Plus [KEEP]
• Dino Level [150]
• Breeding Timer [x25]
• Managarmr [ENABLED]
• Cave Building [PERMITTED]
• Disable Large & Behemoth Hatchframes [NO]
• Hatchframe Armour for Platform Dinos [FORBID]
• Element Dust Transfer [All Maps]
• Titan Raiding [DISABLED]
• Titan Structure Damage [DISABLED]
* ONLINE Raid Protection Type [NONE]
• OFFLINE Raid Protection Type [BUBBLE]
• OFFLINE Raid Protection Resistance [75%-90% Damage Reduction]
• Aberration Transfers [Aberration- and Extinction-exclusive creatures only (Official Setting)]

Our adjustments
• Rules are adjusted.
• Set Imprint Bonus to x1.2
• Set Max Platform Structures to 30
• Disable CloningChamber
• Reduce Element Veins farming
• Remove Passiv Dino Protection Plugin
• Adjust Shop Prices
• Disable Trading System during Bloody Weekend
• PVP protection can be redeemed once a week.
• Prices of PVP protection were raised significantly.
• After reaching a new Tribe Rank, new quests and features will be unlocked.

Tribe Ranks:
Server rates and points are adjusted according to the tribe size.
https://forum.bloody-ark.com/tribe-bonus (the website will be updated with new information in the next days)

Rewards: Unlock some quests, increase Weight and Points)
Solo - 4 hours
Duo  - 2 hours
Trio - 1 hour
Squad - immediately
Company - immediately

Time to reach theses ranks - 3 days  (Rewards: Unlock some quests, increase harvesting and XP)
Solo Expert
Duo Expert 
Trio Expert 
Squad Expert 
Company Expert
Time to reach theses ranks - 10 days (Rewards: Unlock some quests, get random lootboxes by playtime)
Solo Master
Duo Master
Trio Master
Squad Master
Company Master

Time to reach theses ranks - 30 days (Rewards: Unlock all quests, get a Legendary Kit )
Solo Legend
Duo Legend
Trio Legend
Squad Legend
Company Legend

Time Lines
• 29/May @ 20:00 - Season 11 ends and Donation Store closed.
• 31/May @ 19:00 - Season 12 begins with a Bloody Weekend.
• 01/Jun - New Player Protection turns on for all tribes everyone get 8 hours of raid protection. 
• 03/Jun - New Player Protection default time - 7 days pvp protection. Donation Store re-opens with a one-time-purchase limit. 
• During week 2 - Donation Store purchases made after May 10 re-sent.
• During week 2 - Season 11 Donators receive a coupon for 20% of total Season 10 donations.
• During week 2 - Season 11 Rewards distributed.

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