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We're pleased to announce that we will be launching a new, semi-primitive PVE server on July 12th at 18:00 (CEST). This server will not be connected to the cluster, and is a standalone experience.

This server will take place on Valguero. It's a completely standard, PVP server but we've made the following adjustments:
* Manually disabled all turrets, advanced weapons/explosives and the Tek-tier (you don't need the Primitive Plus DLC). 
* Rather than using the PVE settings, you can instead claim PVE Protection from the store - it's free and each use lasts 7 days. 

While in PVE mode, you and your dinos are invulnerable but you can switch to PVP whenever you want for some open-world antics and bonus rates. Structures are always invulnerable except for tribes that have mutually agreed to go to war. Note that you cannot turn PVE back on while you're in combat.

* Flyers and Managarmr are untameable
* New Skills and Daily Quests
* New Mod: Advanced Architecture (Castles and Forts)
* New Mod: Stargates
* New Mod: Indomitable Rex
* PVE Events (e.g. boss fights, horde survival, snail racing, raft battles, etc)

Base Rates:
* XP: x3 (x4.2 in PVP mode) 
* Harvest: x3 (x4.2 in PVP mode) 
* Taming: x5
* Breeding: x10
* Dino Limit: 500
* Structure Limit: 20000 

Tribe Ranks:
* Solo (Bonuses + 4 Allies)
* Duo (Bonuses + 3 Allies)
* Trio (Bonuses + 2 Allies)
* Squad (Bonuses + 1 Ally) 
* Company (No bonuses nor allies)

Mod List:



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