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ANNOUNCEMENT: [PVP] Server Wipe: 19/07 - 19:00

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Dear Community,
We are pleased to announce that season 13 will be starting soon, which means that all maps will be wiped on 19 July 19:00 CEST ! [timezone]

[Season 13 Changelist]

- Turret, Structure and Dino limits increased

  • Turret 75 Tek Turrets, 400 Normal Turrets, 400 Heavy Turrets
  • Structure Limit = 12000
  • Dino Limit 400

- Mindwipe Cooldown changed to 6 hours at all times
- Removed the cap on Survivor's Speed and Weight

Plugins and Mods
- Structured Decay
- Cake Fix
- PVP Protection Kits now have a cooldown
- Tribe Cooldown - You have to wait 24 hours after kicking a tribemember for their slot to become available to a new survivor.

- Tribe limit increased to 12
- Solo, Duo and trio can create 1 alliance
- Squad size changed to 4-7
- Company size changed to 8-12
- Squads and Companies can no longer buy PVP Protection

PVP Balance
- Titans Structure Damage enabled versus Squad and Company Structures (special thanks to @Haragon#2062) 
- ORP now uses a bubble instead of affecting all owned structures
- Turret Damage is dynamic based on how outnumbered the defending tribe. Turrets will periodically scan the number of enemy players within a range and compare that to the number of players online for the defending tribe. When the defending tribe is outnumbered, the turrets will deal bonus damage. Defenders logging out will not be reflected until the combat-timer expires. 

- Element Transfer [Complete Freedom/No Exports from Extinction/No Transfers at All]

Time Line
- 14/July @ 20:00 - #Vote for new changes
- 15/July @ 20:00 - Public Season 12 Highlights
- 17/July @ 20:00 - Season 12 ends, Donation Store closed and show result of the votes.
- 19/July @ 19:00 - Season 13 starts with bloody weekend
- 20/July @ 08:00 - Enable Starter Kit
- 21/July @ 08:00 - New Player Protection turns on for all new tribes that joined after activation.
- During week 2 - Donation Store purchases made after July 01 re-sent.
- During week 2 - Season 13 Donators receive a coupon for 20% of total Season 12 donations.
- During week 2 - Season 12 Highlights Rewards distributed.

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Result of the #votes 
• Managarmr [DISABLED]
• Cave Building [PERMITTED]
• Prohibit the placement of OFFLINE RAID PROTECTION in all caves [NO]
• Element Transfer [Complete Freedom]
• Element Dust Transfer [All Maps]

Our adjustments
Turret, Structure and Dino limits increased
Tek Turrets = 50, Heavy Turrets = 400, Normal Turrets = 450
Structure Limit = 12000
Dino Limit = 400
Survivor Weight and Speed limit remains

Server start; 19/07/19 - 19:00 (CEST)


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Extinction Titans taming will be deactivated until 05.08

Added detection so you cannot build teleporters/beds/sleeping bag inside the mesh. Will also prevent when they snap (like s+ beds)

S+ is now compatible with the Structure Memory Optimizations that Wildcard implementing recently (use launch command: -structurememopts)
(all structures that dynamically altered their snap points were re-written to be compatible with the optimizations, none are opted out)
(they claim to save 2-4 gb of bandwidth a month on official servers and the savings will be even greater for large S+ servers as S+ structures have more snap points, should also make large bases load faster as less data is being sent to the client, 

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