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ChangeLog (21.07)

Recommended Posts

  • Update PVP Protection to 168 hours (7 days)
  •  Enabled Voting Rewards
  • Update Private Message: Message colour to pm and defaulted away from server chat and instead using normal user chat with a colour it looks much nicer.
  • Added autodecay again (hopefully the laggs are fixed)
  • Raid Balancer: Adjustment Multiplier = 0.5 see #faq
  • Items Cooldown: Readjusted
  • Possible modifications servers settings during runtime (no restart needed)
  • Passiv Dino Protection Update:
    •  Only passive instead of passive flee
    •  Removed requirement of ignoring whistle groups
    •  Add Baby Protection
    • Added chat command to check owned dinos protection status (/dpp status)
    • Also lists a reason why not protected
    • Added additional message options for new dino status command
    • Added option for turret dino protection (RequiresNotTurretMode = true)
    • Potential Fix for Neutral and Aggressive dinos sometimes getting protected
    • Added a Dino Blacklist for dinos that cannot be protected (currently Giga and Rex but we will add more dinos to the blacklist)
    • Added a Structure Whitelist to allow customization of what structures can affect

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  •  Protection kit for small tribes is freely available for 24 hours (Press F1 in game)

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