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= Welcome to BloodyARK Fractions Server! =

We invite you to try our unique server system!
The server is based on fractions. As soon as you join the server you have to join one of three fractions.
Players in the same fraction can build up together and fight boss battles with each other.
For every kill of an opposing fraction your fraction gets a score. At the end of each season, the fraction with the most scores will receive awesome rewards.
Global chat is limited to your fraction.

- Ironblood - the way of destruction. (Recommended for hardcore PVP players)
- Endeavour - the way of prosperity. (Recommended for Peaceful Players)
- Lawless - the way of the apostate. (Recommended for true Solo Speler)

To join a fraction, type in the chat: /join FRACTIONNAME
After you have joined a fraction, you can play on the server
Maximum online player per fraction is set to 25 players.

► Achievements with reward system
► Auction house to trade with another fraction
► Dino Tracker that shows you the coordinates of your dinos
► Homes that teleports you back to your base
► Automatic Boss Events

Raid times:
Raiding on an opposing fraction is allowed at any time.

ORP Settings:
Structures take 25% damage.
Any defenses do x4 more damage. (e.g. Turrets)

► XP: x5
► Taming: x25
► Breeding: x25
► Max Player Level 135
► Max Dino Level 150
► Max Tek Dino Level 180

- Structres Plus
- ArkShop UI
- HG StackMod 2500-50
- HG Cake Fix
- Awesome Spyglass
- Auctions House


Server Start Sunday 01.09 - 14:00 (CEST)

Server ip:

Map: Ragnarok

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