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Players of bloody! The decision has been reached. 
Some of you will like it, others won’t. It’s happening, the wipe will come on the 1st of january at 16.00 CET.
This is a wipe on a far shorter notice than we would normally do and we apologize for that, but we used the following reasoning in short terms.
Pop is critically low, and system maintenance is needed that can not be done with a running save. A new save, allows us to perform maintenance as well as enable some features that can only be enabled at a launch in order to test them out better (tribe tether for example, did NOT work with a running save, which wasn’t surprising…)

As this season hopefully reaches its player peak around genesis release, should they stick to the late January/early February, here is the basic plan for that: Troubleshoot genesis compatibility with the rest of the system, then launch 2 maps into the cluster so they won’t be permanently slotcapped, as well as announce a new wipe with proper notice a reasonable time after that. This will give ppl a chance to explore Genesis with some gear and such, to learn the tricks of the trade before a true launch. 
Some of the settings for the coming season will be more strictly decided by us admins this time around, as we have some settings that we wish to try out properly, and since if we’re gonna run votes on smaller details, we’re stuck here for a week on that alone XD

Launch at the 1st of january, 16.00 CET
3-days beginners protection(Will only be active for those not around for the launch days. Will start to trigger saturday evening after roughly 72 hours of run-time) small tribes can extend this to a maximum of 7.
Do note that the pve changes of season 15 will apply, so this means structures only to protection etc! Players and tames are not protected.
Weekday orp:100% dmg reduction and 4x turret damage.
Weekend orp 25% dmg reduction and 4x turret damage.
Restricted regions will apply, see rules page for details. 

Minor creature delays(only launch days) for: Griffin, Golem, Owl, Mana, Gachas, As well as Titans for 1 week.
200 Local turrets, 350/250/100 Heavy/normal/Tek turret global cap.

Tribe rank plugin will now properly tie tribe members together since its a fresh wipe! 
24 Hrs activation time for tribe rank update(Server side, not gameplay time).
Base rates 5x Harvest, 5x Taming, 3x Exp
- Tribe limit 12
- Solo, Duo and Trio tribes can create 1 alliance
- Squad size (4-6) (Ally disabled)
- Company size (7-9) (Ally disabled)
- Division size (10-12) (Ally disabled)
Solo-trio is allowed to team but only with a proper ally. NO other teaming!!

- Hatchery increased count and capacity.
- Breeding will undergo some changes to compensate for potentially shorter server runtime.(No nanny still!) Details at launch
- 300 Dino limit per map.(No vivarium etc. Cryo or use multiple maps!)
- S+ transmitter and generator will be off at launch and are likely to stay off for the initial week or two!(for testing purposes)
- Some more s+ stuff will be disabled, no more detailed info until launch.
- Lootbox related plugins disabled the first 120 hours(enabled monday). This change is due to the huge power spike related to the power spikes they provide.
- S+ charge station and element catalyzer enabled for aberration.
- Minor quest plugin tweaks and world bosses(Nilloc) changed.
- Caves and micro caves/holes are ALWAYS raidable, 24/7
- Railgun enabled
- Element transfer DISABLED
Region-blocker plugin is being prepared but may not be ready at launch. It will be used to locally ban areas classed as mesh or unintended, so if you’ve built in a slightly-sketchy spot and we ask you to move, you move willingly or we hit the delete button. If you’ve built in a 100% sketchy place, we may delete the base without even reaching out!. So, any area that is questionable in terms of mesh, don’t build there. The rest of the maps, is up for grabs!

Time Line:: All times are German CET
- 1st of January @ 16:00 - Launch, up to 1 hour global pve then pvp until Sunday the 5th.(will be between 15 and 60 minutes, time will tell)
- 4th of January @ During the day - Beginners protection enabled, NOT retroactive.
- 4th of January @ During the day - Enable Starter Kit
- 6th of January @ During the day - All plugins and Tames re-enabled that wasn’t around for launch.

- During week 2 - Relevant Donation Store purchases made during season 15 re-sent.
- During week 2 - Season 15 Donators receive a coupon for 20% of total Season 14 donations.

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