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Greetings Survivors on the Bloody Ark!
Today we are happy to announce the Launch of our new Smalltribe Cluster to all of you!
This Cluster will be running on our new Nitrado Custom Root Servers with high Performance and the highest level of DDOS Protection.
The Launch date is Friday the 31.01.2020 at 19 CET


[Pre-Season Bloody Smalltribes]

Main Difference from Main-Cluster::
- More Focus on PvP
- Smaller Tribesize
- No Questsystem / Achievements / Lootboxes
- Points are gained through Online Time / Votes / Player Kills and Sold Trophys only

-Genesis (After Release)
-The Center
-The Island
-Scorched Earth

- S+ Structures
- Awesome Spyglass
- ArkShop UI
- Ark Better Security
- HG Pick Up Gun

- Raidtimes 24/7
- ORP during the Week: Structure damage taken 10% / Structure (turrets) damage 400%
- ORP on the Weekend: Structure damage taken 25% / Structure (turrets) damage 200%
- No ORP in Caves 
- No Building in Artifact Caves
- Rates: x3 Harvest / x5 Taming / x5 Breeding /// Weekend Rates: x5 Harvest / x7 Taming / x10 Breeding
- Nanny enabled
- Dino Limit 400
- Local Turret Limit 100
- no global Turret Limit
- Tribe Ranks enabled
- PvP Protection only via Rebuildkits available
- Weapon and Saddle Caps as on Main Cluster
- Armor Cap 800 Dura
New Features::
- Synchronized Tribes and Players Clusterwide
- New Anticheat System
- New Savemydino Plugin (teleports your dino out of the mesh)
- New Antimesh Plugin
- Added Zones that Prevent Building
- 5 New Custom Nitrado High Performance Anti DDOS Servers

- Tribe Limit 6 Players
- Solo can create 1 alliance
- Squad size  4-6
- Flexible Rates and Stats According to the Tribe Size

PVP Balance::
- Titans Structure Damage enabled versus Squad Structures
- Turret Damage is dynamic based on how outnumbered the defending tribe. Turrets will periodically scan the number of enemy players within a range and compare that to the number of players online for the defending tribe. When the defending tribe is outnumbered, the turrets will deal bonus damage. Defenders logging out will not be reflected until the combat-timer expires.
- Manas and Owls only on Extinction Ridable

- Most as on MainCluster
- Enabled Nanny
- Enabled Cloning Chamber

Time Line::
- 31/January @ 19:00 - Season starts 
- 01/ February @08:00 - Lootcrates will be enabled
- 03/February @ 08:00 - Enable Starter Kit
- 03/February @ 08:00 - Enable Griffin Taming
- 07/February @ 08:00 - Enable Gasbag / Mana / Owl / Gacha / Golem / Titan Taming

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❖ PVP Scorched Earth: steam://server1.bloody-ark.com:27016
❖ PVP Ragnarok: steam://server1.bloody-ark.com:27015
❖ PVP Aberration: steam://server1.bloody-ark.com:27017
❖ PVP Valguero: steam://server2.bloody-ark.com:27015
❖ PVP: The Island steam://server2.bloody-ark.com:27016
❖ PVP: The Center: steam://server2.bloody-ark.com:27017
❖ PVP: Extinction: steam://server2.bloody-ark.com:27018

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