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Summary of the last Announcements in Discord:

Players of bloody! Now that genesis is almost in reach, it is time to share some of the thoughts and plans we have for the future. Worst-case scenario, genesis corrupts the saves and it is instant wipe without any options, and the fresh wipe goes out in full vanilla mode as we incrementally re-add plugins and mods to see which ones work without any issue. Optimal case, nothing is broken and all plugins+mods work, our plan is roughly as follows(do note that this is just the first of many announcements to come, and the info here is preliminary): ***Main cluster*** Will undergo a wipe the moment we are able to lay our hands on the map and actually launch a working profile, so hopefully within the hour of release we’re able to do our own “beta testing” in closed-session, and then very shortly after that, open up with a standard launch schedule. ***Small tribes cluster*** Will keep on running for a few days to give a bit of a “sandbox mode” feel, give people a chance to explore genesis on bloody not from lvl 1, before the wipe goes through at the weekend. Have a chance to try out the new taming methods, weapons etc. After a few days of mayhem, a standard schedule wipe will be performed and off we go, into a new adventure! ***PVE cluster*** The newest full-term addition to BloodyArk(or will it really be bloody when it is full PVE and no victims 😏 ) will take its first breath. It will be a smaller cluster in the beginning with not all 8 maps available, but addons once stable will ensure the full content and experience is available. It will have far more RP elements with NPC mods and such(once stable) In short, what this all means is that a wipe will be inbound all around, and will be our first full fresh wipe with the new nitrado system. It is going to be an exciting time both for us in the background, and for you as players, as we will be able to broaden our horizons further than ever before. As this is just the first announcements of many to come, there aren’t a lot of specific details such as time stamps etc. Those details will follow as we get closer and closer to the big day.




Evening Bloody! So, now that the time is drawing near, we are going to start to ship some info now and then about the changes we’ve discussed, what is incoming etc. This announcement theme will be Discord, Website, and some rules related. Soon enough in the discord, in the same category you find the announcement, 3 new channels will open. These will be were we post any CLUSTER SPECIFIC announcements, e.g. when we have the wipe announcement for pvpve tribe(main) it will pop into the appropriate channel. Time will tell if we keep it to 4 announcements channels - general, pvpve, smalltribes, pve - or if we revert to the singular. We are getting a new website! One of Sly’s pet projects the past couple of months has been engineering a fully brand new BloodyArk website, from scratch! It will have a new smooth interface, detailed descriptions of each cluster, better overview of our plugins, mods, settings etc. And hopefully 😏 be more user friendly so admins that aren’t Sly, can easily update everything as we move along, so important information doesn’t end up out of date or lost in the history of a channel. It is in the final stages and we hope there is enough time to get it launch ready in time for genesis, but otherwise it isn’t far behind Then to some of the rules-related topics we are changing/introducing this season. With this wipe, we will *FULLY* purge our alt-account database! This is due to too many people requesting whitelist for a “work-pc” or their “brothers account”, only for us to find out a week or so later, that the “brother” is a lvl 1 bob with tek stuff and pve protection, with pin coded doors and vaults :thinking: ……. So once the new seasons launch, if you feel you have a legitimate need to request a whitelist, feel free to open a ticket and describe your situation properly. ***BUT!!*** ANY abuse we find with this!!!, be it alt-farming account, pve storage bob, scouting bob to stay anonymous etc, WILL result in FAR harder punishment than it has been in the past! We are adopting *and* enforcing a ZERO-TOLERANCE to alt-account abuses! Second major addition will be that we now have a stable and working *Punish Rank* that we can remotely add to players. The punishment will cut all your rates to half, and change some of your stats(e.g. weight penalty), and will now be used far more as a supplement and alternative to bans. Depending on the rule violation, instead of saying “well, you can’t play for 24 hours”, we might slap you with a Punish rank for 3 days, etc. We hope this will result in a better cycle of mild rule violations/behavior improvements. Severe rule violations however will still as usual be a proper ban. Exact examples of which crime gives what punishment will not be given, as it will most of the time be a case-to-case situation, and depend on the admin handling the case and what he/she feels is appropriate.




Players of Bloody! On Monday evening we plan to host a Q&A session where we will be available in a special voice channel to answer questions you may have before the wipe, get feedback, ideas and so on. So, at 19:00(CET) mizury and a few others will have some fun with you German speakers, and once that first session concludes I'll be available with some others for a English session. We ask that you pay attention to what has already been written and posted around the place however, as I'm sure you all agree that answering the same question a dozen times gets tiring ;) @everyone Now as we get closer to the promised day, we also have had to take a few things into account. Some of the votes this season, may be postponed until the server has actually started. This is due to the fact that we will likely launch without s+ as a whole, to ensure there are no compatibility issues there that can cause issues. So until we know that s+ is working via test server verification, it will not be around. Hence hatchery etc, can't be voted upon. Dino's enabled will also be postponed a little bit, as we need to evaluate what genesis might demand. E.g. if the lava lizard can only be tamed with cold, we can't fully disable snow owls or managarms, and may have to oversee that. But the votes we will actually be able to run without worry, will show up tomorrow after the Q&A

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