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ARK Enthusiasts! Welcome to a new chapter of ARK! Genesis, has arrived.
And we of BloodyArk are going to jump straight into it all.
Wednesday the 26th of February we open up our main cluster as well as our PvE cluster. Launch will be at  | 17:00 CET | 16:00 GMT | 11:00AM EST | 08:00AM PST |.
Friday the 28th at  | 19:00 CET | 18:00 GMT | 13:00AM EST | 10:00AM PST | our Smalltribes cluster will spread its wings.

BloodyArk is a community-focused server cluster with plenty of intriguing aspects.

Do you have a lot to do on weekdays with work, studies or just life in general? Our main cluster has weekend raid times as a concept, so depending on where you've built, your base can be completely safe during the weekdays, so you can play casually then, and enjoy the mayhem on the weekends

Do you have a small group? No worries, our tribe rank plugin has you covered. Tribes of different sizes have different benefits(or lack thereof) to help smaller groups keep up with big groups. As a small group you will farm faster, level up quicker, have a few stats stronger. As a large group, well, strength in numbers ^^

Do you enjoy quest systems and progressive rewards? Our custom made quest plugin has you covered, with quests of different tiers and types. Go out there, tame! ride! kill! explore!

With Genesis comes a new Era of ARK! We at Bloody plan to follow along with the evolution of their systems, and adapt our systems to work perfectly in tandem with WC's. The quest system of Genesis will run hand-in-hand with our custom one, to give a unique experience.

Above is only a taste of what we have. Come over to https://discord.gg/adK8Rj5 and see what you prefer amongst our cluster options.


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