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Dear Community,

Some things happened in time.
Here is a list of what has changed:

Special for The Island:
Better Spawn Distribution - Changes the spawn level distribution on official maps to match those of Ragnarok and The Center.
Loot Quaility x1.5

Vote Reward:
Has been fixed and can be used again. Chat command /vote

New Player Protection (npp):
Each new player automatically gets 1 week of raid protection, as soon as the player has reached level 100, the protection will be cancelled!

New Chat Commands:
/npp info - check Server NPP Info.
/npp disable - disable tribe protection (only tribe leaders can do)
/npp status - check remaining protection time (Data based oldest AND highest level tribe member)
(Admins still do not remove protection from protected tribes on joining them).

We start our weekend event with increased ratings:
Breeding: x30 / Taming x15 / Mating Interval 0.6
Please donate for us so that we can activate advertising on the weekend.
Currently we are missing 37 €
paypal adress: sly.sey@web.de

Among all the supporters of the week we will be giving away
3000 bloody coins are distributed among all donors

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