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Bloody Patch Notes 2.0

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Beginner Protection
Newcomers now receive 1 week x10 Harvesting
Newcomers now have a chat icon and use the tag [NEW]
Complete protection: Player, dinos and structures are now completely protected
Raidprotection registration is no longer necessary

New Chat Commands:
/protoff - disable tribe protection (only tribe leaders can do)
/protstatus - check remaining protection time (Data based oldest tribe member)
/protlist - lists all new tribes on the current server

Rate Control - rates scaling to specific groups
The harvest multiplier setting also applies to loot from boxes and kits
Solo Tribe: x6 XP / x7.5 Harvesting / x3 Weight
Duo Tribes:  x6.25 Harvesting
Gamma/ Beta/Alpha Rebuilt Kit:  x6.25 Harvesting / x3 Weight
Tribe Hunting: x6.25 Harvesting
Punishment: Players who break the rules will get 50% less xp and harvesting if necessary.


Ingame/Tribe Name Control:
We now blocked ingame names.
 Ingame names like: Human, 123, Mensch, Tribemember 123 and so on are no longer possible
Tribe names like: Admin, Support, Bloodyark and so on are also not possible

Shared accounts cannot log into the game.
This is necessary so that no one can bypass a ban, lootboxes/vote and exploit everything which is for free. 

Beginner Protection:
We are working on a mysql database solution so that the beginner protection runs for all maps.
After the new feature is released every tribe will receive  1 of  protected. Newcomers have to contact us this week to get 1 week protection.

Cross Chat is being redeveloped
Tribe chat bug is also currently being fixed.

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